The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Martin, Lieutenant-General Sir Alfred Robert

Martin, Lieutenant-General Sir Alfred Robert, C.B. (1902), K.C.B. (1910); b. 1853; e.s. of late Colonel D. W. Martin; educ: at Harrow; entered the Army, 1874; transferred to the Indian Army, 1877; became Colonel, 1899; served against the Jowaki Afridis, 1877; in the Afghan War, 1878-80, Hazra Expedition, 1888; Miranzai Expedition in command of 5th Ghurka; Brevet-Major in Waziristan, 1894-95; Tirah, 1897-98; Assistant Military Secretary for Indian affairs at the Horse Guards; D.A.G., Bengal, with rank of Brigr-General; in command of Bareilly Brigade, 1904-06; A.G., India, 1906-08; Commandant, Northern Army, 1908. Address: Rawalpindi, Punjab, India. Club: United Service.