The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Massy, Colonel Harry Stanley

Massy, Colonel Harry Stanley, C.B. (1903), Commandant of 19th Bengal Lancers and A.A.G., (retired); 3rd s. of late Major H. W. Massy of Grantstown Hall, Tipperary; b. 1855; joined the Army and became Major, 1894; Captain, 1885; Lieut.-Colonel, 1900; m. Geraldine Elinor, d. of George Massy of Glanvillee, Limerick; one s. and one d. served against Jowaki Afridis, 1877-78 (medal with clasp); served in Afghan War, 1878-80 (wounded, medal with clasp, despatches); served in Burma Campaign, 1886-88 (despatches, clasp); 2nd Miranzi Expedition, 1891 (clasp); N.W.F., India, 1897-98 (despatches, medal with two clasps). Address: 63, Fitzgeorge Avenue, West Kensington, W.; Grantstown Hall, Tipperary. Clubs: United Service, Royal Automobile, Royal Areo, Hurlingham, Motor.