The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/McIver, Sir Lewis

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McIser, Sir Lewis, Bart., M.P., (Bar-at-Law), Sub-Collector and Joint Magistrate, Madras; entered service, 1868; Assistant Collector and Magistrate. Madras,. 1868-70; Justice of the Peace 1870; transferred to Burma where he acted in several capacities including that of President of Rangoon Municipality till 1876; reverted to Madras, September 1876; on special duty for preparing part I of the Imperial Gazetteer, Madras, (Rs. 1,000), 1876; Officiating Assistant Commissioner, Nilgiris, without prejudice to special duty, 9th September to 8th November 1877; on special duty up to 7th April 1878; acting Deputy Commissioner, Salt Revenue, Northern Division, November 1879 to 20th April 1880; Member, Board of Examiners, 1882; Special Magistrate, Salem, for enquiring into the Salem riots (Department allowance of Rs. 10 a day) 23rd August to 26th November 1882; Deputy Superintendent, Census Operations, Madras, November 1883 to 13th April 1883; Sub-Collector and Joint Magistrate, Chingleput, from October 1884; retired, 1885. Address: c/o India Office, London.