The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Middlemast, Edgar William

Middlemast, Edgar William, M.A., Principal, Presidency College, Madras; b. 1864; joined service in the Educational department as Professor of Mathematics, College of Engineering, Madras, 1888; Principal, Kumbakonam College, 1894; acting Professor of Mathematics, Presidency College, Madras, 1895; acting Principal, Rajahmundry College, 1896; again acting in the Presidency College, Madras, 1889; acting superintendent and Officer in charge of the Aluminium De partment, School of Arts, and Inspector of Technical Schools, 1901; acting Principal, Presidency College, Madras, 1901; Deputy Director of Public Instruction, 1903; on special duty in England from 10th January to 28th February 1905; on special duty for the preparation of report on Public Instruction for the quinquennium ending 1906-07, from 15th August to 21st October 1907; Inspector of European and Training schools, Madras, 1910: on special duty in the Office of the Director of P.I. from April to 30th June 1912; acting Principal, Presidency College, Madras, July 1912; Now on furlough.