The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Muhammadabad, Raja of; Hon’ble Sir Muhammad Ali Muhammad Khan

Muhammadabad, Raja of; Hon’ble Sir Muhammad Ali Muhammad Khan, K.C.I.E., (1893); s. of Raja Sir Muhammad Amir Hasin Khan; b. 1879; succeeded his father, 1903; belongs to a family known by the name of Kanzada, claims descent from Kazi Nasr-ul-lah, a Siddiki Sheik of Bagdad who came to India in the time of Shahib-ub-din Ghori and settled at Amrota; is greatly interested in the spread of education and is a strong supporter of the Calvin Talukdar’s school, Lucknow; has contributed Rs. 35,000 for the study of Science at the A.M.O. College, Aligarh, and Rs. 50.000 for the Lucknow Medical College; is a leading Member of the Committee of the Muhammadan University for which he has contributed a lakh; has founded schools both in and outside his estates; is an Honorary Magistrate and Munsiff; Member, Legislative Council. U.P. ,(1904); Fellow, Allahabad University (1906); elected Member, Supreme Legislative Council, (1909). Address: Galloway House, Mahammadabad, Nainital; Kaiser Bagh, Lucknow, U.P., India.