The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Mullaly, Major-General Herbert

Mulally, Major-General Herbert, C.B. (1905), C.S.I. (1908), R.E., India; s. of late Mullaly; b. 1860; educ: privately and at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; joined the R.E., 1878; m. Mabel, 4th d. of late Hastings Read, 1883; rose to the rank of Colonel, 1903; Officiating Assistant Secretary, Government of India (Military Department), 1895; Officiating D.A.A.G., for Royal Engineers, and Secretary (Defence Committee), India, 1895-96; D.A.Q.M.G. for Mobilization in India, 1896-1902; Officiating Deputy Secretary, 1902-03; Deputy Q.M.G. in charge of Mobilization, 1903-06; served in Chin Lushai Expedition, 1899-90; won despatches, medals and clasps; D.A.A.G., S. African War, 1899-1900; D.A.A.G., Intelligence Department, Natal, 1899; operations in the Transvaal, 1900; won despatches 4 times, medals, 4 clasps, Bt-Lieutenant-Colonel; Chief Staff Officer, Zakka Khel Expedition, (despatches, medals, clasp, C.I.E.); Bazar Vally (despatches), 1908. Address: Peshwar, India. Club: United Service.