The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Murzapur, Muncharjee Cowasjee

Murzapur, Muncharjee Cowasjee, Khan Bahadur, (1877); C.I.E., (1891); F.R.I.B.A.M. Inst., retired Executive Engineer, Bombay; b. 1833; a prominent Member of the Parsi community and a well-known Civil Engineer and Architect; President, Corporation of Bombay, 1891; served Government for nearly 18 years in the capacity of Executive Engineer; appointed Executisre Engineer to the Corporation of Bombay, 1893; retired, 1903; is a Justice of the Peace; Fellow of the Bombay University; Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers, London; Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects; Member of the Incorporated Association of Municipal and County Engineers, London. Address: Murgbhan Road, Bombay, India.