The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Ommanney, Colonel Edward Lacon

Ommanney, Colonel Edward Lacon, C.S.I., (1889); I.C.S., Indian Army (retired); b. Cherrapoonjee, Assam, 1834; e.s. of Major General Edward Lacon Ommanney, R.E.; educ: Bedford Grammar School, Civil Engineering College, Putney; Owens College, Manchester; arrived in India, 1853; served in Opium Department, 1853-55; entered the Army in the 59th Bengal Native Infantry, 1855; transferred to Staff Corps, 1861; m. Elizabeth Capel, e.d. of Henry Mortlock Ommanney, 1863; rose to the rank of Colonel, 1885; admitted to Colonel’s Allowance, 1893; served in the Indian Mutiny (medal and clasp); appointed to the charge of the ex-King of Delhi and family, and other State prisoners,1857; took the ex-King of Delhi and family to Rangoon, 1858; transferred to the Pegu Commission; relinquished charge of the prisoners and joined the Punjab Commission, 1859; Personal Assistant to the Commissioner of Peshwar and Derajat; Commissioner of the Multan, Derajat, and Peshwar Divisions, 1880, returned to England, 1891; accompanied the Eusofzie Field Force as Assistant Commissioner, 1866; as Deputy Commis sioner of Hazara in the St. Black Mountain Expedition 1868 (medal and clasp); accompanied the 2nd Black Mountain Expedition as Chief Political Officer, 1888, Recreations: Cycling. Gardening, Golf. Address: 42, Kidbrook, Park Road, Blackheath, S.E.