The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Pennington, James Burn

Pennington, James Burn, B.L.. retired I.C.S.; educ: St. Peter’s College, Cambridge; joined service, 1862; Assistant Collector and Magistrate, 1864; passed higher standard, 1865; Justice of the Peace, 1866; Head Assistant Collector, 1866; acting Collector, 1868; on special duty at Madras with the Public Works Committee from 25th February to 1st March, 1869; acting Sub-Secretary, Board of Revenue, 25th April, 1870 to 5th June, 1871; confirmed 6th August 1871; acting Secretary, Board of Revenue, from 26th August to 29th November, 1871; acting Collector of Sea Customs, Madras, and Protector of Emigrants, 14th May to 12th July, 1872; acting Collector and Magistrate, Trichinopolv, and Political Agent, Pudukota, from 2nd August, 1872 to 30th April, 1875; proceeded to Europe on furlough and privilege leave, 1875-81; Collector and Magistrate, Tinnevelly,up to 27th June, 1883; acting Collector and Magistrate, and Agent, Tanjore, from 30th June, 1883; Member of the Commission appointed to consider and report on certain emigration matters, 5th December, 1883; privilege leave till 1st November, 1881; Collector, District Magistrate and Government Agent, Tanjore, 1881; retired, 1888. Address: c/o India Office,London.