The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Phillott, Lt.-Colonel Douglas Craven

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Phillott, Lt.-Colonel Douglas Cravan, Ph. D., M.R.A.S., F.A.S.B., Indian Army (retired); Secretary and Member,Board of E.xaminers, Calcutta; Honorary Treasurer and Trustee, Indian Museum; Fellow, Calcutta University; Gold medalist in Urdu; b. 1860; 3rd s. of Lieut.-Colonel Henry Rodney Phillott; educ: Philstead; Sandhurst; made extensive tours in the east; with the 40th foot 2nd Somersetshire, 28th Punjab Infantry, and 3rd Punjab Cavalry; was with Draband Column, Zhob Valley Field Force, 1800; D.A.Q.M.G., Infantry, Hazowara field force (medal and clasp) N.W. of India, 1837-98; action of the Ublan Pass operation on the Samana and in the Kurram valley (medal and two clasps); Consul in Persia for two years. Publications: Hindustani Stepping Stones; Hindustani Manuals; Hindustani Stumbling Blocks; Current Persian Tales; Persian Proverbs; translation of the Nahfat-i-Yamen; and of the Baz-Namieyi Hasiri in Arabic and Persian, respectively; various papers in the journal and memoirs of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Recreations: Hawking, Travelling. Address: Indian Museum, Calcutta. Clubs: Junior Naval and Military; United Service, Calcutta.