The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Prideaux, Col. William Francis

Prideaux, Col. William Francis, C.S.I. (1895); b. 1840; s. of F W. Prideaux of the India Office, London; educ: at Aldenham; served in India Office, 1859; joined the Bombay Army, 1860, and Staff Corps, 1865; served with Mr. Rassam’s Mission to King Theodore of Abyssinia, 1864; imprisoned at Magdala from July 1866 to April 1868; employed under the Foreign Office in India; acting Consul-General at Zanzibar, 1873-75; in the Persian Gulf, 1876-77; Resident in Jaipur, Udaipur and Kashmir; became Colonel, 1890. Publications: the Lay of the Himyarites; many papers on Archaeology and Numismatics besides notes for a Biography of Edward Fitzgerald; a Biography of R. L. Stevenson.