The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Queripel, Lt.-Colonel Alfred Ernest

Queripel, Lt.-Colonel Alfred Ernest, Indian Civil Veterinary Department (retired); joined Home service, 1870; arrived in India, 1877; present in Afghan War, 1879-80; served with Nile Expeditionary Force, 1884-85; Assistant Superintendent of horse-breeding operations, Babugarh, 1880-83; reverted to Home service, 1884; Station, Veterinary Hospital, Ambala, and Inspector, Army Veterinary School, Simla, 1891; Inspecting Veterinary Officer, 1893; Inspector-General, Civil Veterinary Department, 1895; retired, 1901. Publication: Essay on Stable Management and dietetic disease in India, and; a Manual of Materia Medica for Veterinary students. Address: c/o India Office, London.