The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Radhanpar, Nawab of; H.H. Jalal-ud-din Khan, Bismilla Khan

Radhanpar, Nawab of; H.H. Jalal-ud-din Khan, Bismilla Khan, Rai Bahadur; s. of late Nawab Muhammad Bismilla Khan Bahadur; b. 1899; educ: Rajkot Rajkumar College; the relations of this State with the British Government commenced in 1830 when an agreement was entered into whereby the Nawab agreed to pay tribute to the British and the latter guaranteed the protection of the Nawab; area of the State, 1,150 square miles; population, 70,000; the family has been allowed to adopt by a Sanad granted by Government; the Nawab enjoys first class powers in his State and is entitled to a salute of 11 guns. Address: Radhanpur, Bombay Presidency, India.