The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Rajendra Narayan Bhuja Deb, Hon’ble

Rajendra Narayan Bhuja Deb, Hon’ble, Raja (1910); b. 1881; 2nd s. of late Raja Jadunath Deb of Aul; adopted into the Kanika family, 1890; educ: at the Ravenshaw Collegiate School and College, Cuttack; married the daughter of Nayagarh, 1899; well-known for benevolence and public spirit; maintains 4 charitable dispensaries, and several schools in his estate; constructed a female ward at the Cuttack General Hospital at a cost of Rs. 25,000; was an elected representative of the Orissa and Chhota Nagpur Landholders in the Bengal Legislative Council. Recreations: Shooting, Tennis, and Billiards. Address: Kanika, Orissa, India.