The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Ramabai, Pandita

Ramabai, Pandita, Bombay; y.d. of late Anant Shastri; belongs to an ancient Konkanasth Brahmin family that had long ago settled in Mysore; b. 1858; educ: privately under the care of her father; lost her parents at an early age; reached Calcutta with her brother; became attracted by her scholarship and her advanced views on religion, and was conferred the title of “Saraswati” by the Pandits of Calcutta; m. Bepin Behari Madhavi, M.A., B.L., .1880; lost her husband, 1882; visited Bombay, 1882; visited England and took her lodgings in St. Mary’s Home, Wantage, 1883; embraced Christianity together with her daughter, Manorama, 1883; appointed Professor of Sanskrit, Ladies College, Cheltenham, 1884; studied Mathematics, Natural Science and English Literature; proceeded to America with her daughter, 1886; succeeded in securing the practical svmpathies of the American public for bettering the condition of Indian women; returned to India, 1888; started “Widows’ Home” in Bombay; removed it to Poona, 1889; is now in charge of the “Widows’ Home”; and is conducting its affairs satisfactorily. Address: “Widows’ Home” Poona, Bombay, India.