The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Ramsay, Maj-General, Sir John George

Ramsay, Maj-General, Sir John George, K.C.B. (1911); s. of William J. D. Ramsay, R.N.; b. 1856; entered 14th regiment, 1875; transferred to I.S.C., 1877; became Colonel, 1906; Maj-General, 1910; served during Afghan War, 1878-1880; present at the March from Kabul to Khandahar; Hazra Expedition, 1888; N.W. Frontier Expedition, 1897-98; present at the relief of Chodalcara in China, 1900; relief of Peking and Mahamand Expedition, 1908; D.Q.A.G., Bengal, 1890-95; A.A.G., 2nd Dn. N. Army, India, 1905; D.A.G.N. Command, India, 1907; Rawalpindi Brigade, 1907; Jhelum Brig., 1907; Kohat Brig., 1908; Bangalore Infantry Brigade, 1909-11; m. Ethel, d. of Maj-General G. N. Gave, I.S.C., 1898. Address: Bangalore, Mysore State, India.