The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Rangachariar, Malur

Rangachariar, Malur, M.A., Rao Bahadur (1903), Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology, (retired), Presidency College, Madras; b. Mysore, 1861; educ: Wesleyan Mission High School, Mysore; the Christian College, Madras; passed B.A., as first in his College, 1881; joined the Madras Medical College in the M.B. and C.M. class where he was also a tutor in Chemistry; joined the Educational Department as Science Lecturer, Government College, Kumbaconam, 1884; Science Assistant, Government College, Rajahmundry, 1885; passed M.A., 188G; 3rd Lecturer, Rajahmundry College, 1887; on special duty at Arkonam, 1891; acting Professor of Chemistry, Presidency College, Madras, 1891; on Foreign service in Travancore, 1892: Lecturer, Kumbaconam College, 1894; Lecturer, Rajahmundry College, 1898; acting Professor of Phvsics, Presidency College, Madras. 1898 , Lecturer, Kumbaconam College, 1898; Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology, Presidency College, Madras, and Curator, Government Oriental Manuscripts and Library, Madras, 1901; Registrar of Books, Madras, 1907; Fellow, Madras University, 1896; Member of the Committee on Moral and Religious instruction; represented the Madras Government at the Conferance of Orientalists, held at Simla, 1911; as Curator of Oriental Manuscripts and Library, he acquired for the Library about 6,600 new MSS., and published 25 volumes of the descriptive Catalogue of MSS., comprising about 8,800 Royal Octavo pages; added books of reference and periodicals and considerably improved the usefulness of the Library for the conduct of the Oriental study and research; a Hindu of the Vedantic type, tolerant and catholic towards other religions; advocate of reform in Hindu Society on strictly national lines and is opposed to the introduction of agencies alien to the sentiment of the people; retired from service in the Presidency College, Madras, October 1914; still continues in the post of Registrar of Books, Madras. Publications: “The Gaimtasara Bangraha” (a treatise on Hindu Mathematics); “Sarava Sidhanta Sangraha”.(a Philosophical work of Sankara): and a Life of Buddha, by Buddhaghosa a work of the 5th .century A.D.; “Rupavatara”, “Kavyadarsa”, Prayasa Sengraha, “Maghasandesha”, “Zugas, Function of Religion in Social evolution”, the Bagavat Gita, “Orthography and Pronounciation in Tamil”. Address: Tholasingaperumall Koil Street, Triplicane, Madras, India.