The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Rewah, H.H. Maharaja Venkat Raman Singh Bahadur

Rewah, H.H. Maharaja Venkat Raman Singh Bahadur, G.C.S.I.; b. 1876; s. of H.H. Maharaja Raghuraj Singh Bahadur, G.C.S.I.; m. the Princess of Dumraon and Rutlam and daughter of Parihar Thakur in Oudh; educ: at Rewah; invested with full powers, 1895; combated two severe famines which strained largely the resources of the State; offered Rs. 5,000 for the purchase of vaseline for the use of Indian troops in the front suffering from frost-bite, 1915. Heir: Maharajkumar Prince Gulab Singhji; b. 1904. Recreations: Shootmg, Army Drill. Address: Rewah, Central India.