The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Ridgeway, Right Hon’ble Sir (Joseph) West

Ridgeway, Right Hon’ble Sir (Joseph) West, P.C, G.C.B., (1906), K.C.B. (1891), K.C.M.G., (1900), K.C.S.I. (1885); Hon. LL.D. (Camb. and Edin.); s. of late Rev. Joseph Ridgeway of Turnbridge Wells; entered the Army, 1861; promoted to the rank of (Colonel, 1885; served Afghan War, 1879-80; Under-Secretary to Government of India (Foreign Department), 1880-84; Commissioner for fixing the frontier between Russia and Afghanistan, 1885; on special diplomatic duty in St. Petersburg, 1886-87; Under-Secretary for Ireland, 1887-93 Envoy Extraordinary to the Sultan of Morocco, 1892-93; Governor of the Isle of Man 1893-95; Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Ceylon, 1896-1903; Chairman of Committee of Constitution Enquiry, Transvaal and Orange River Colonies, 1906; Contested, in the Liberal interest, City of London; London University, 1910; Vice-President, Royal Geographical Society; Hon. Col. Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps. Address: 5, John Street, Berkeley Square, W. Clubs; Turf, Athenaeum, Naval and Military.