The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Sachau, Dr. Eduard Carl

Sachau, Dr. Eduard Carl, Professor in the Royal University of Berlin; b. at Neuminster, Schleswig-Holstein, 1845; s. of Claus Jacob Sachau; educ: at Rendsburg Keil, Leipzig and Berlin; Catalogued the Persian MSS. in the Bodleian Library, 1869; Professor of Semitic Languages, at Vienna, 1869-76; Professor of Oriental Languages at the Royal University, Berlin, 1876; since 1887 Director of the Seminary for living Oriental Languages at Berlin; travelled much in different parts of Asia, and is well known as a Semitic scholar. Publications: His great work in relation to India is his Arabic Edition of Alberuni’s India; An Account of the Civilisation of India about A.D. 1030, published 1887, followed by an English Edition of the same, 1888; has also published Arabische Studien, dealing with the same period; Chronology of Ancient Nations, &c. Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Berlin; Doctor of Letters, Honoris causa, at Oxford; Member of the Academies of Vienna and St. Petersburg; Hony. M.R.A.S.; Member of the American Oriental Society; Member of the London Society for Biblical Archaeology. Address: Berlin, W.; 62, Wormser Strasse, 12.