The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Sassoon, Hon’ble Sir David

Sassoon, Hon’ble Sir David, Kt. (1905), Merchant, Bombay, 1849; joined the firm of Messrs. E. D. Sassoon in China, 1867; started a firm of his own under the name of Sassoon J. David & Co., Bombay, 1874; opened branches in Hongkong, Shanghai and Kobe; a leading Cotton merchant of Bombay and Manager of David and Standard Mills; was Chairman of the Bombay Mill Owners’ Association; Member of the Bombay Corporation, and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Bombay Corporation, 1909; took a prominent part in establishing the Bank of India and has been its Chairman from the start; Sheriff of Bombay, 1905; raised a sum of £5,000 in aid of the Kangra Valley earth quake relief fund; presented a statue of Emperor George V to the City of Bombay on the occasion of His Majesty’s visit to India; has contributed liberally to the Prince of Wales’ Museum and other charitable institutions; Justice of the Peace. Heir-presump: Edward Elias Sassoon, b. 1853. Address: Braganza Hall, Bombay, Club: Bombay Yacht.