The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Sinclair, Surgeon-General David

Sinclair, Surgeon-General David, M.B., and C.M., C.S.I. (1899), I.M.S. (retired); s. of William Sinclair; b. 1847; educ: Aberdeen Grammar School, and University School; passed M.B., and C.M.,1869; joined the I.M.S. 1869, served in the usual lower grades; transferred to Burma as Inspector-General of Jails, 1883; Sanitary Commissioner, Burma;. Inspector-General of Vaccination and Chief of Civil and Medical Department, Burma; 1884; served in Burmese Expedition, 1886-87; transferred as Surgeon-General, Madras, 1889; Honorary Surgeon to Viceroy of India; m. Jane Birnie, d. of late John Fergusson of Aberdeen, 1876; retired, 1904. Address: 11, Mortonhall Road, Edinburgh. Club: Caledonian United Service.