The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Smith, Vincent Arthur

Smith, Vincent Arthur, M.A., I.C.S. (Retd.) b. 1848; s. of Aquilla Smith, M.D. of Dublin; educ; at Trinity College, Dublin; Fellow of the Allahabad University; arrived in India, 1871; served in N.W.P. and Oudh; worked in Settlement and other departments until he became Magistrate-Collector, 1889; District Judge, 1895; Chief Secretary, 1898; Commissioner, 1898; retired, 1900; Reader in Indian History and Hindustani in the University of Dublin, 1902-03. Publications: Settlement Officer’s Manual for the N.W.P.; General Index to Cunningham’s Archaeological Survey Reports; The Remains near Kassia; the Jain Stupa and other antiquities of Mathura; Asoka, the Buddhist Emperor of India; the Early History of India; Catalogue of non-Mahommedan coins in the Indian Museum; Coinage of Early Gupta Dynasty; Graeco-Roman influence on the Civilisation of Ancient India; History and Conquest of Samudragupta; numerous papers on history, antiquities, etc. in the Calcutta Review, Quarterly Review, J.R.A.S., and the Indian Antiquary. Edited Sleeman’s “Rambles and Recollections”. Address: Oxford.