The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Swinley, Major-General George

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Swinley, Major-General George, C.B., (1893), Indian Army, Punjab; s. of Major-General George H. Swinley; joined the Army in the Bengal Artillery, 1860; served in Bhutan Expedition, 1865-66; Black Mountain Expedition, 1868: Jowaki Afridi Expedition, 1877-78; Afghan War, 1878-80; Brevet Major and Lt.-Col., 1893; Major-General, 1895; District Staff Officer, Madras,. 1884-99; Colonel of the Staff, Punjab, 1892-96; m. Alice, d. of W. G. Probyn, late of Bengal Civil Service. Address: 2, Fawconberg Villa, Cheltenham.