The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Tilak, Bal Gangathar

Tilak, Bal Gangathar, B.A., LL.B., Lawyer, Sanskrit Scholar and Publicist, Poona; s. of late Pandit Gangadhar Ranichendra Tilak; b. Ratnagiri, 1S56; educ: Deccan College, Poona; B.A. (honours), 1876; LL.B., 1879; started the Poona New English School in conjunction with Mr. Agarkar and with the help Mr. Vishnu Krishna Chiplunker, 1800; started the “Mahratta” and the “Kesari” 1881; founded the Deccan Educational Society, Poona, in conjunction with Mr Namjoshi; founded the Ferguson College, 1885; actively connected with it till 1890; in charge of a Law class to equip young men for Law examination; Secretary, Deccan Standing Congress Committee for some years; organised the first five sessions of the Bombay Provincial Conference; Fellow, Bombay University; twice elected to Bombay Legislative Council; Member, Bombay Corporation for some years; established Cheap grain shops in the famine of 1896; organised a Hospital and recommended to the people the salutary measures of Government for stamping out the disease; convicted on a charge of sedition and sentenced to undergo 18 months imprisonment, 1897; released through the intercession of late Professor Max Müller and other Oriental scholars; again convicted on a similar charge and sentenced to 6 years transportation and a fine of Rs. 1,000, 1908; sentence commuted to simple imprisonment; interned at Mandalay; released and returned to Poona, 1914. Publications: “The Orion, or researches into the Antiquities of the Vedas”, etc. Address: Poona, Bombay Presidency.