The Indian Biographical Dictionary (1915)/Turnbull, Surgeon-Major-General Peter Stephenson

Turnbull, Surgeon-Major-General Peter Stephenson, M.D., K.H.S., (1902), late of the Bombay Medical Department; b. 1836; joined Indian Medical Service, 1860; continued in Military Department till 1864; Examiner of Medical Accounts, 1876; Secretary to H.M. Forces, Bombay, 1882-88; Acting Inspector General of Prisons, Bombay Presidency,1883-85; P.M.O., Sind, 1888-93; Surgeon-General with Government of Bombay, 1893-96; retired, 1896; Fellow, Bombay University, 1893; Honorary Surgeon to Emperor, 1902; m. Mary, d. of George Oliver, Hawick, 1879. Recreations: Golf, etc. Address: 4, Church Hill, Edinburgh.