The Jew of Malta/Epistle Dedicatory

The Jew of Malta (1633) - fleuron 1.jpg

FRIEND, Mr. Thomas
INNE, &c.

THis Play, composed by so worthy an Authour as Mr. Marlo; and the part of the Jew presented by so unimitable an Actor as Mr. Allin, being in this later Age commended to the Stage: As I usher'd it unto the Court, and presented it to the Cock-pit, with these Prologues and Epilogues here inserted, so now being newly brought to the Presse, I was loath it should be published without the ornament of an Epistle; making choyce of you unto whom to devote it; then whom (of all those Gentlemen and acquaintance within, the compasse of my long knowledge) there is none more able to taxe ignorance, or attribute right to merit. Sir, you have bin pleased to grace some of mine owne workes with your curteous patronage; I hope this will not be the worse accepted, because commended by mee; over whom, none can clayme more power or privilege than your selfe. I had no better a New-yeares gift to present you with; receive it therefore as a continuance of that inviolable obliegement, by which, he rests still ingaged; who as he ever hath, shall alwayes remaine,