The Lover's Songster/The Three Sisters

For works with similar titles, see The Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters

JANE was a Woodman's daughter,
The fairest of the three,
Love in the snares had caught her,
As fast as fast could be:
A sailor's son was Harry,
As brave as brave could be,
And he resolv'd to marry
The fairest of the three.
The fairest, &c.

Maria thought it wise
A rich man's wife to be,
And so she took a miser,
As old as old could be.
Louisa felt love's passion,
But wish'd the world to see,
So chose a lad of fashion,
The dullest of the three.
The dullest, &c.

Louisa's spouse perplex'd her,
A widow soon was she;
Maria's liv'd and vex'd her,
As well as well could be:
But Jane possest true pleasure,
With one of low degree,
They were each other's treasure,
The happiest of the three.
The happiest, &c.