The Mad Planet  (1920) 
by Murray Leinster
[Extracted from Argosy magazine, June 12, 1920, pp. 29-59. Title illustration omitted.] It is a planet gone mad. After ages of ill-considered over-exploitation of its natural resources, climate change has come to Earth with a vengeance!

". . . the whole human race began to revert to conditions closely approximating savagery. The lowlands were unbearable. Thick jungles of rank growth covered the ground. The air was depressing and enervating. Men could live there, but it was a sickly, fever-ridden existence. The whole population of the earth desired the high lands, and as the low country became more unbearable, men forgot their two centuries of peace. . . ."

The Mad

Author of “The Runaway Skyscraper,“ etc.

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