The Man Who Couldn't Sleep

The Man Who Couldn't Sleep  (1919) 
by Arthur Stringer
We had just taken a turn in the outskirts of Brooklyn when my swinging headlights disclosed the figure of a man, an unstable and wavering man, obviously drunk, totter and fall directly in front of my car.

I heard the squeal of the brakes and the high-pitched shouts from a crowd of youths along the sidewalk. But it was too late. I could feel the impact as we struck. I could feel the sickening thud and jolt as the wheels pounded over that fallen body. "Latreille," I said, breathing brokenly as we slowed up, "did we—did we kill him?"

My chauffeur turned in his seat and studied my face. Then he looked carefully back, to make sure we were not being followed. "This is a heavy car, sir," he finally admitted.

I could feel the sting of the powder smoke on my up-thrust wrist}

The Man
Who Couldn't Sleep


"The Prairie Wife," Etc.

With Frontispiece

Publishers New York

Published by arrangement with Bobbs Merrill Company

Copyright 1919
The Bobbs-Merrill company

Printed in the United States of America

To Harvey, of the dome-like pate
The dreamy eye, the Celtic wit
And kindly heart, I dedicate
This blithe romance conceived and writ
By one of that triumvirate
Who knew Defeat, yet conquered it.



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