The Message of the Stars by Max Heindel and Augusta Foss Heindel
The Measure of Amenability to Planetary Vibrations
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The Measure of Amenability to Planetary Vibrations

WHEN judging a horoscope it is of prime importance that we take into consideration the social and racial standing of the individual, for configurations which are of great significance in the horoscope of an educated Caucasian, may mean little or nothing in the figure of a Chinese Coolie and vice versa, Neglect of this factor would inevitably lead to false conclusions, as we shall now explain.

It is a mystic maxim that the lower in the scale of evolution a being is placed the more certainly it responds to the planetary rays, and conversely the higher we ascend in the scale of attainment the more the man conquers and rules his stars, freeing himself from the leading strings of the Divine Hierarchies, This yoke was not, however, placed upon man in order to restrain him needlessly, but just as we in our ordinary life restrain a child from doing things in ignorance, which would hurt it, and maybe cripple it for life, go also are we restrained by the Divine Hierarchies through the planetary aspects in such a manner that we do not hurt ourselves beyond recovery in the Great School of Life.

But coupled with this guidance there is of course the measure of free Will, which grows as we evolve. The child in our midst has really very little free will, it is subjected not only to its parents but to the servants, if such there be in the household, and to everybody with whom it is associated, all exercise control over it for its own good. As the child grows, this measure of restraint is by degrees relaxed, in the course of years the child will learn to exercise its free will. This method has been followed by the Divine Hierarchics in the case of man. Infant Humanity was absolutely guided by Divine rules without having any Will at all, “Thus shalt thou do, or not do,” were injunctions laid upon them which must be implicitly obeyed, otherwise the Divine displeasure was at once shown by such strenuous manifestations as appealed ta infant humanity’s mind, namely, lightning, thunder, earth-quakes and great visitations of plagues. This was for their collective guidance; for individual restraint there were strict laws, commandments and ordinances. Tribute must be paid continually to the Divine Leader and offered up on the altar as sacrifices, and for every offense against the law a certain sacrifice of material goods must be made. Fear was the dominant keynote of that dispensation: for “Tho fear of the Lord is the beginning of righteousness,” This regime was carried on under the planetary conditions of Mars and the Moon. Mars being the home of the dominant Lucifer Spirits, gave to mankind the energy necessary that evolution may be accomplished; this martial energy was of the very greatest importance, particularly of course in the earlier stages. The Moon, which is the home of the Angels, under their Divine Leader Jehovah, gave to infant humanity that childlike brain-mind which is amenable to rulership, and bends itself readily before authority.

These with Saturn were the only planetary rays which affected mankind as a whole during the Lemurian epoch, and if a horoscope were erected for any of the people who lived then, it would be unnecessary to enter the places of the other planets, because they could not respond to their rays, Even today a great part of mankind has not evolved very far beyond that point, a large class, particularly among those we speak of as the lower races, and even the lower classes of our western world are dominated principally by these planetary rays. Under their impulses they act with automatic certainty in a specific manner, and it is possible to predict exactly what they will do under a certain aspect of these planets, because they live entirely in their emotions and are scarcely, if at all, responsive to the intellectual vibrations of Mercury. Neither can they appreciate such emotions as signified by Venus or its octave, Uranus; they respond solely to the lower nature, the animal passions. They move under the impulses of Mars and the Moon respecting sex and sustenance. Their pleasures are of the lowest and most sensual nature, they live like animals. Altogether in the physical, their creed is eat, drink and be merry. Their desires may be expressed as “wine and women,” for they have not yet awakened to the charm of song, neither has beauty had a chance to enchant the savage heart at this stage of development for that comes from the Venus rays which are beyond such people. Woman is to the man of that stage only a beast of burden and a convenience.

Meanwhile “Father Time” represented by the planet Saturn, keeps the score, and wields over them the whiplash of necessity to drive them forward on the evolutionary path, meting out to each the fruits of his labor at the harvest time between lives. When the man has cultivated the savage virtues of bravery, physical endurance, etc., he dreams in the post-mortem existence of new fields to conquer, he sees where he was lacking and why his desires were frustrated because of lack of implements. Gradually the constructive martial ray and the Saturn canning fertilize the lunar brain which he is building, so that in time he learns to make the crude implements necessary for the attainment of his primitive ambitions. Even today we see the same cunning traits of character, the same crude crafts displayed in and by the lower races for the purpose of irrigating land, mining ores or milling grain. Al those earliest implements were the result of the planetary rays of Saturn, Moon and Mars, impinging on the primitive brain of infant humanity.

A little further along the path of evolution, in the Atlantean epoch, the Lords of Venus and the Lords of Mercury came to the earth for the purpose of giving a further impulse to the mental and emotional development. It was the task of Venus to combat the lower emotions and raise the brutish animal passion of Mars to the softer and more beautiful Venus-love, She was to add beauty to strength, and to attain that ideal the Lords of Venus fostered the plastic arts, painting and sculpture, these were not taught men of the general public at that time; the ideals which are to be developed in a race are always first taught to the most advanced ones in a mystery temple, and at that time initiation included no spiritual instruction, but consisted of an education in the liberal arts. Sculpture taught how the beautiful may be incorporated in physical form. It called attention to the body and idealized the softly curved lines, The result is now incorporated in our own race body, for it should be thoroughly understood that in a mystery school an ideal is not taught today simply to be forgotten tomorrow or the next generation, but ideals are inculcated so that in time they may become a part of the very life, soul and body of the race. Compare the race body of the Indian, the Bush-man, the Hottentots, etc. with that of the modern civilized man, and you will find that there is indeed beauty added to strength.

It may he objected that we are degenerating compared with what is shown in the Hellenic Arts, but that is positively not so, it is rather that we have not yet attained to that highest ideal. In ancient Greece the mystery temples occupied a much more prominent position than today, the beautiful form was idolized to the detriment of the mind not-withstanding the feet that she had a Plato and a Socrates, The Lords of Mercury who had charge of the development of mind, at the time when the Lords of Venus exercised their great influence on the emotions, had not then been able to make a universally strong impression on the early humanity_ We are well aware even today that it hurts to think, but it is easy to follow the emotions, At the present time the middle class of the west is much further advanced than the ancient Greeks because of the influence of these two planetary rays in our lives. Woman naturally excels in the highly imaginative Venus faculty, because of her part in the creative function which aids in moulding the body of the race. On that account her figure has the graceful curves which naturally express beauty, while man has the worldly-wise intellect fostered by the Lords of Mercury, and is the exponent of reason, the creative agency of physical progress in the world’s work.

We always long for, admire, and aspire to what we lack. In days of savagery when kicks and cuffs were her daily fare woman longed for a caress from her lord. The Venus ray gave her beauty and made her an adept in the feminine arts which have conquered the masculine heart, so that now he plays the role of protector on the plea that woman is not mentally competent; meanwhile he is becoming that which he admires in her; he is more gentle and. Kind, Venus is conquering Mars, but the Mercury delusion of intellectual superiority needs another influence to conquer it, And this woman is now attracted by the aspiration. As she mastered martial brutality by Venus beauty, so also, will she free herself from Mercurial bondage by Uranian intuition.

To primitive man, driven by the whip-lash of Saturnine necessity, when not by the animal bust and passions of Mars and the Moon the World looks gloomy. Fear is the key-note of his extistence; fear of animals: fear of other men; fear of the nature forces; fear of everything around him. He must ever be watchful and on the alert, vigilance is eternally the price of safety. But when evolution makes him amenable to the influence of Venus and Mercury, they soften his emotions and brighten the mentality; he begins to feel love and reason as factors in life. The Sun also begins to brighten his outlook upon life, and sunshine in the nature of man during this phase of his evolution partly dispels the cloud of Saturn. Thus, by degrees, as he evolves and becomes responsive to the music of the spheres, one string after another in the celestial harp strikes the kindred chord in the’ human soul and makes him amenable to its vibrations, so that as a tuning fork which is struck, awakens the music in other tuning forks of even pitch within reasonable distance, the planets in our solar system have in evolutionary succession struck various chords that have found an echo in the human heart.

But the strings on the celestial Lyre of Apollo are not all in harmony, some are in actual discord, and while man responds to some he must necessarily remain, at least partially, unresponsive to others. In fact, before it is possible to respond perfectly to the rays of Venus it is necessary for man to conquer Mars to a considerable degree, and bring him under control so that certain undesirable martial traits in his nature will be kept in the background, while others, which may be valuable, are retained. The Venus love which is willing to give all for the loved ones cannot dwell side by side in the heart with the Mars ray which demands all for self. Therefore the savage must learn to conquer himself in a certain measure ere he may become the more civilized family man of modern times. Under the unrestrained passionate rays of Mars and the Moon, parents bring children into the world and leave them to take care of themselves almost as animals do, tor they are products of animal passion, The females are bought and sold as a horse or cow or else taken by force and carried away. Even so late as the mediaeval dark ages, the knight often carried away his bride by force of arms, practically in the same manner that the male animals battle for the possession of the female at mating time,

Thus we see that the first step toward civilization requires that a man conquer one or more of the planets to a certain degree at least. Unbridled passion such as generated by the primitive Mars rays is no more permissible under the regime of modern civilization, neither is the tenet that “might is right” any longer admissible, save in wars when we return to barbarism. The Mars quality of physical prowess, that at one time made it a virtue to attack others and take away property, is no longer admired in the individual. It is punished by various means, according to law, though it is still effective as far as nations are concerned, who go to war under this primitive impulse in order to secure territorial aggrandizement. However, as said, Mars has been conquered to a great degree in civil and social life in order that the Venus love might take the place of the Mars passion.

As previously noted, the children of primitive man were left to their own resources, as soon as they had been taught to defend themselves in physical warfare. With the advent of Mercury another method is observable. The battle of life nowadays, is no longer fought with physical weapons alone. Brain, rather than brawn determines success. Therefore the period of education has been lengthened as mankind advanced, and it aims principally at mental accomplishments because of the Mercurial rays which accompany the Venus development of modern civilization. Thus man sees nature from a more sunny side when he has learned to respond to the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Moon and Saturn, even if only in a very slight measure.

But although these various stages of evolution have gradually brought man under the dominance of a number of planetary rays, the development has been one-sided, for it has aimed to foster interest solely in things over which he has a proprietary right: his business, his house, his family, his cattle, farm, etc. are all vitally important, and must be taken care of, His possessions must be increased. if possible, no matter what happens to the possessions, family, etc. belonging to anyone else, that is not his concern. But before he can reach to a higher stage of evolution it is necessary that this desire to appropriate the earth, and retain it for himself if possible, must give way to a desire to benefit his fellowmen, In other words, Egoism must give way to Altruism, and just as Saturn by wielding the whip lash of necessity over him in his primitive days brought him up to his present point of civilization, 80 also Jupiter, the planet of altruism, is destined to raise him from the state of man to superman where he will come under the Uranian ray in respect to his emotional nature, where passion generated by Mars will be replaced by Compassion, and where the childlike consciousness of Lunar origin is replaced by a Cosmic consciousness of the Neptunian ray. And therefore the advent into our lives of the Jupiterian ray marks a very distinct advance in the human development. As taught in the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, we are to advance from our present Earth period into the Jupiter period, and therefore the Jupiterian ray marks that high stage of altruism which will then be a prominent factor in our relations, one with the other, and it will be readily understood that before we can really respond to the rays of Jupiter we must in a measure cultivate altruism, and conquer the Egoism that comes through the Mercurial reasoning power. We have learned to conquer some of the phases of Mars and the Moon, we may have also learned to conquer some of the lower phases of Mercury and Venus; the more we have overcome these the better we shall he able to respond to the highest vibratory forces emanating from these planets; yes, if we strive earnestly we shall some day be able. to overcome even the highest stage of the Venus love, that always attaches itself to an object which is owned by us. We love our children because they are ours; we love our husbands and wives because they belong to us; we take pride, Venusian pride, in their moral characteristics or Mercurial pride in their accomplishments, but Christ set a higher standard; “Unless a man leave his father and mother he can not he my disciple.” The idea that we should neglect our fathers and mothers or that we must hate them in order to follow Him was far from His mind, of course, but father and mother are only bodies; the soul that inhabits this body of the father and mother is to be loved, not the mere physical garment. Our love should be the game whether the person is old or young, ugly or beautiful. We should look for the beauty of the soul, for the universal relationship of all souls and not mind so much the relationship of the bodies. Who is my mother and my brothers, said the Christ, and pointed to his disciples, those who were at one with Him in that great work. They were closer to Him than anyone else could be, because of the mere physical relationship. This attitude constitutes an upward step from the Venus love which places the emphasis on the physical garments of the loved ones and leaves out of consideration the soul that is within, The Jupiterian love on the other hand takes cognizance only of the soul, regardless of the body it wears. The Mercurial or reasoning phase of mentality is also changed by response to the altruistic Jupiter. Cold calculation is out of the question, One who feels the expansive ray of Jupiter is big hearted, first, last and all the time, and in every respect; big hearted where his emotions are concerned, his love; big hearted where all the things of the world are concerned. “A jovial fellow,” is an apt expression, He is welcomed and loved by everyone he meets because he radiates not the common selfishness, but a desire to benefit others that breeds in us a feeling of trust, diametrically opposed to the sense of distrust we instinctively feel when we come in contact with a Saturn-Mercury man.

It is a matter of actual experience to astrologers endowed with spiritual sight that every man’s planetary rays produce certain colors in his aura, in addition to the basic color which is the stamp of the race to which the man belongs. ‘The man with the thin, sickly blues of a commingled Saturn and Mercury, is to be pitied rather than censured for the avarice and gloom which are his constant attitude of mind; he sees everything in the world through the aurie mirror which he has created around himself; he feels that the world is cold, hard and selfish, that therefore it is necessary for him to be more selfish and more cold in order that he may protect himself, On the other hand, when we see the divine blue ray of Jupiter tinted with perhaps the fine gold of Uranian nature we realize how differently such an exalted individual must view the world from that sordid way of seeing and judging things. Even those who have the faintest Jupiterian tinge are in a world filled with sunshine, flowers blooming, everything in nature is guy and glad. And by looking at the world through such an atmosphere they call forth from other sources a similar response, as the tuning fork previously mentioned generates in another of an even pitch.

After what has been said it will not be difficult to understand that the Uranian characteristics, where love becomes compassion, give wisdom that is not dependent upon reasoning, a love that is not fixed upon one object alone, but includes all that lives and moves and has its being; it is similar to the characteristics that are to be evolved by humanity during the Venus period when perfect love shall have east out all fear, when man shall have conquered all the lower phases of his nature and love shall be as pure as it is universally inclusive.

When these Uranian vibrations are felt by advance in the higher life through aspiration, there is great danger that we may throw away the fetter of law and anticipation, before we are really ready to govern ourselves by the law of Love divine, that we may disregard the laws that are in the world, that we may not render unto Caesar that which is Ceasar’s, whether in obedience or coin, that we may not be careful of avoiding the appearance of evil, that we may think that we have so far transcended the ordinary stage of humanity that we can live as super-humans, that the passion of Mars has in our ease been changed to Uranian compassion, which is sexless, and under these misapprehensions, many people who endeavor to tread the path disregard the laws of marriage and enter into relationships as soul-mate and affinity, They feel the Uranian ray, but cannot quite respond to its sublime purity, therefore they experience a counterfeit Venusian’ sensation which usually ends in adultery and sex-perversion, so that instead of the natural animal passion of Mars having been transmuted to the compassion of Uranus it has as a matter of fact, degenerated into something that is far worse than the fullest sex expression of the martial rays committed in a frank and Proper manner. This is a danger that cannot be too strictly guarded against and it behooves every one who endeavors to live the higher life not to try to aspire to the Uranian rays until he at first becomes thoroughly imbued with the altruistic vibrations of Jupiter, for more misery is brought into the world by those who have aspired too high and fallen low, than by those who are not sufficiently aspiring. Pride goes before a fall, is an ancient and very true proverb, which it behooves every one of us to take to heart. The Christ took part in the marriage at Cana, Marriage is a regular Christian institution, and must exist until abolished in the kingdom to come, because the bodies we have will not wear out and therefore there will be no need of marriage ta generate new ones.

Let it also be understood that although the minister who marries cannot mate, the finding of the mate should be done before the marriage ceremony is undertaken and not after.

As we have seen in the foregoing; Mars, Venus and Uranus mark three stages in the emotional development of man. During the stage where he is only amenable to Mars, animal passion reigns supreme and he seeks unrestricted gratification of all his lower desires in the intercourse with his fellowman but particularly with the opposite sex; during the stage where he becomes amenable to the rays of Venus, lave softens the brutality of his desires and the animal passions are somewhat held in leash; he is even, under the higher phases of this planet, ready to sacrifice himself and his desires for the benefit and comfort of the loved ones. When he has evolved to the point where he can feel the rays of Uranus, the passion of Mars gradually turns to compassion; there the love of Venus which is only for one particular person, becomes all inclusive so that it embraces all humankind regardless of sex or any other distinction, for it is the divine love of soul for soul which is above all material considerations of whatever nature.

The mentality also evolves through three stages according to the amenability of the person ta the vibrations of the Moon, Mercury and Neptune. While man is only amenable to the lunar influence, he is childlike and easily guided by the higher powers, which have led him through the various stages mentioned in our previous chapters. Under the stellar ray of Mercury he gradually develops his intellectual powers and becomes a reasoning being. As such, he is placed under the Jaw of cause and effect, made responsible for his own actions, so that he may reap what he has sown and learn thereby the experiences that life has to teach him under the present regime, Being inexperienced, he makes mistakes in whatever direction indicated by the afflictions to Mercury in his horoscope and consequently he suffers a corresponding penalty of sorrow and trouble. If he has not the mentality to reason on the connection between his mistakes and the sad experiences growing from them, during his life time, the panorama of life, which unfolds in the post-mortem state, makes this clear, and leaves with him an essence of “right feeling” which we know as “conscience,”

This conscience keeps him from repeating past mistakes, when the feeling generated has become sufficiently strong to overbalance the tendency to yield to the particular temptation which caused him suffering. Thus he gradually develops a spiritual consciousness which is above and beyond human reason, but which nevertheless is also connected with reason in such a manner that when the result has been reached, the man who has this Cosmic Consciousness knows the reason why such and such a thing is and must be, or why he ought to take a certain action. This Cosmic Consciousness is developed under the ray of Neptune and differs from that intuitional right feeling developed under the ray of Uranus in the very important fact that while the person who has developed the Uranian quality of intuition arrives at the truth instantaneously without the necessity of thinking over the matter or reasoning, he is unable to give anything but the result; he cannot connect the various steps of logical sequence whereby the final result was reached. The man or woman, however, who develops the Neptune faculty, also has the result of any question immediately and is able to tell the reason why that result is the proper and right one.

The Faculty of intuition built up from the Martial base of passion, through the Venusian stage of love, and the Uranian ray of compassion, depends upon the ability of the person involved to feel very intensely. By love and devotion, the heart is attuned to every other heart in the universe and in this way it knows and feels all that may be known and felt by any other heart in the universe, thus it shares the divine ommniscience that binds Our Father in Heaven to His children and through the direct heart to heart touch with that onmiscience the person obtains the result of whatever problem is placed before him,

The noblest men of all ages, Christian saints of the most transcendent spirituality, have attained their wonderful development through the spiritual rays of this planet because of the intense feeling of Oneness with the divine and with all that lives and breathes in the universe.

But there are others who are not thus constituted and they are not able to walk that path. These, through the Moon, Mercury and Neptune have developed their intellect and attained the same results plus the Neptunian power of idealization.

This is a very important point and it is only brought out in the Western Wisdom Teachings, for while it was formerly taught that the spirit involves itself in matter and thereby crystallizes itself into form which then evolves, the Western Wisdom Teachings tell us that there is in addition a third factor jn universal advancement, namely: Epigenesis; the faculty whereby the spirit may choose a course that is altogether new and independent of what has gone before. We see the expression of this in all kingdoms relative to form, but in the human kingdom, epigenesis expresses itself as genius, a creative instinct, which makes man more akin to the divine than any other of his accomplishments. This is developed under the Neptune ray when that planet is well placed in the horoscope. There is of course also such a thing as an evil genius, a destructive faculty developed under an afflicted Neptune.

Only the most sensitive people in the world feel the rays of Uranus and Neptune at the present time. To feel these vibrations the connection between the dense physical body and the vital body, which is made of ether, must be rather loose for where these two vehicles are firmly ‘interlocked the person is always of a materialistic turn, and cannot respond to the higher and more subtle vibrations from the spiritual world. But when the stellar rays from these two planets impinge upon a person whose vital body is loosely connected with the physical, we have what is called a sensitive. The direction and quality of this faculty depends upon the placement and the aspect of the two planets mentioned however. Those who are particularly under the domination of an adverse aspect of the Uranian ray, usually develop the more undesirable phases of clairvoyance and mediumship, They easily become the prey of entities from the invisible world who have no regard for their victims’ desire, even if in a weak manner these should protest. Such mediums are generally used in simple trance communications and in a few cases known to the writer have lived very beautiful and happy lives because of their implicit belief in the spirits that dominated them. In these cases the spirit-controls were of a better class than usually met with. But as this Uranian faculty is built up through Mars and Venus, passion is prominent in such natures and under the influence of obsessing spirits many of these people are driven into gross immorality, Vampirism and kindred disreputable practices are also engendered by the perverse use of the Uranian ray in mediums.

Neptune may be said to represent the invisible worlds in more positive aspects and those who come under the evil rays of this planet are therefore brought in touch with the most undesirable occupants of the invisible worlds. Actual obsession whereby the owner of a body is deprived of his vehicle takes place under the ray of Neptune and no materializing seance could ever be held if it were not for this stellar vibration. Magic, white or black can never be put to practical use save under and because of this Neptunian vibration, Apart from this ray it will remain theory, speculation and book learning. Therefore the Initiates of every Mystery Sehool, Spiritual Seers who have full control of their faculty, and Astrologers are amenable in varying degrees to the ray of Neptune. The Black Magician and the Hypnotist, who is a twin brother to him, are also dependent upon the power of this stellar ray for use in their nefarious practices.

The highest human development at the present time, namely: the soul unfoldment which is undertaken in the mystery temples through initiation, is directly the result of the Neptune ray, for just as evil configurations lay men liable to assault by invisible entities, so the good configurations of Neptune are particularly required to enable a man to unfold by initiation his whole soul powers and become a conscious agent in the invisible worlds. Let us remember, however, that good or evil configurations are not the result of chance or luck, but the horoscope shows the tendencies of the coming life; it shows what we have earned by our past living and therefore what we are entitled to in the present life.

Moreover it should always be kept in mind that the stars impel but do not compel; because a man or woman has an evil configuration of Neptune or Uranus it is not unavoidable that they should go into active evil Mediumship and Black Magic and thereby make life harder for themselves in the future. Their opportunity to do so and the temptation will come at certain times when the heavenly time markers point to the right hour on the clock of destiny, Then it is time to stand firm for the good and for the right: being forewarned through a knowledge of Astrology one is also forearmed and may the easier overcome when such an aspect culminates.

Thus we have seen that man is amenable to the planetary rays in an increasing measure as he advances through evolution, but the more highly he becomes developed spiritually the less he will allow the planets to dominate him, while the younger soul is driven unresistingly along the tide of life in whatever direction the planetary vibrations propel him. It is the mark of the advanced soul that it keeps the true course regardless of the planetary vibrations. Between these two extremes there are naturally all gradations, some are amenable to the rays of one planet, more to another, and the bark of life of such men and women is driven upon the rocks of sorrow and suffering, that they may learn to evolve within themselves the will power that finally frees them from all domination by the ruling stars, as Goethe, the great mystic said:

“From every power that holds the world in chains,
Man liberates himself when self-control he gains.”

and it may be asked, have we run the gamut of vibrations when we have learned to respond to all the seven planets which are mythically represented as the seven strings on Apollo’s Lyre? In other words is Neptune the highest vibration to which we shall yet respond? The Western Wisdom Teachings tell us that there are two more planets in the universe which will be known in future ages and that these will have an influence in developing qualitice of so transcendent a nature that we cannot now understand. The number of Adam, man or humanity, is nine, and there are nine rungs upon the stellar ladder by which he is ascending to God; up to the present time he has climbed only five of these rungs; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and not even the vibrations of these he has by any means learned; Uranus and Neptune are slowly coming into our lives; they will not become active in the same manner and to the same degree that for instance, the Moon and Mars are at the present time until many ages have passed. But even when we have learned to respond to them there are two more of which we shall know something later on; it is the opinion of the writers that these are probably not felt by any except those who have graduated from the Greater Mystery School and the Hierophants of that sublime institution.

In conclusion of this article on the Amenability of Man to Planetary Vibrations we quote from the Rosicrucian Mysteries the article on Light, Color and Consciousness:

“Truly, God is One and Undivided. He enfolds within His Being all that is, as the white light embraces all colors, But He appears three-fold in manifestation, as the white light is refracted in three primary colors: Blue, Yellow and Red. Wherever we see these colors they are emblematical of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three primary: rays of Divine Life are diffused or radiated through the Sun and produce Life, Consciousness and Form upon each of the seven light bearers, the planets, which are called the “Seven Spirits before the Throne,” Their names are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Bode’s law proves that Neptune does not yet belong to one solar system and the reader is referred to “Simplified, Scientific Astrology” by the present writer, for mathematical demonstration of this condition,

“Each of the seven planets receives the light of the Sun in a different measure, according to its proximity to the central orb and the constitution of its atmosphere, and the beings on each, according to their stage of development have affinity for some of the solar rays, They absorb the color or colors congruous to them, and reflect the remainder upon the other planets. This reflected ray bears with it an impulse of the nature of the beings with which it has been in contact.

Thus the divine Light and Life comes to each planet, either directly from the Sun, or reflected from its six sister planets, and as the summer breeze which has been wafted over blooming fields carries upon its silent, invisible wings the blended fragrance of a multitude of Mowers, so also the subtle influences from The Garden of God bring to us the commingled impulses of all the Spirits and in that vari-colored light we live and move and have our being.

“The rays which come directly from the Sun are productive of spiritual illumination; the reflected rays from other planets make for added consciousness and moral development and the rays reflected by way of the Moon give physical growth.

“But as each planet can only absorb a certain quantity of one or more colors according to the general stage of evolution there, so each being upon earth, mineral, plant, animal and man can only absorb and thrive upon a certain quantity of the various rays projected upon the earth, The remainder do not affect it or produce sensation any more than the blind are conscious of light and color which exists everywhere around them. Therefore each being is differently affected by the stellar rays, and the science of Astrology, a fundamental truth in nature, is of enormous benefit in the attainment of spiritual growth.”