The New Art of Spelling

Versions of
The New Art of Spelling
by John Jones (physician)
Versions of The New Art of Spelling include:
  • Practical Phonography (London, 1701) external link
    • full title: Practical Phonography: Or, the New Art of Rightly Speling and Writing Words by the Sound Thereof. And of Rightly Sounding and Reading Words by the Sight Thereof. Applied to the English Tongue. Design'd More Especially for the Use and Ease, of the Duke of Gloucester. But That We Are Lamentably Disappointed of Our Joy and Hopes in Him.
  • The New Art of Spelling (London, 1705) external link
    • full title: The New Art of Spelling. Design'd Chiefly for Persons of Maturity, Teaching Them How to Spell and Write Words by the Sounds Thereof. And to Sound and Read Words by the Sight Thereof, Rightly, Neatly, and Fashionably. I. It Will Instruct Any Person, That Can Read and Write, to Spell and Write Most Languages, That He Can Speak, and Uses to Read, in a Few Hours, by a General Rule, Contain'd in Two or Three Lines, and the Use of Spelling Alphabet, Which May Be Writ on the Twelfth Part of a Sheet of Paper, to Carry About Them. II. Short and Easie Directions, Whereby Any One May Be Taught to Spell Tolerably Well in a Few Days, and in Half a Year's Time Be Perfected in the Art of True Spelling. III. A Child, or Any Person, Who Can't Read or Write, May, by the Help of this Book, Learn to Spell and Write Perfectly in a Small Time. IV. Rules of Foreigners, by Which They May Sweeten Their Language; and Directions How to Invent an Universal One. Applied to the English Tongue.