The New Europe/Volume 5/The Voice of Bohemia

The Voice of Bohemia

In the Budget Commission of the Reichsrat, 23 October, Fr. Udrzal, the Czech deputy, who is one of the Vice-Presidents of the Reichsrat and leader of the agrarian party in Bohemia, spoke as follows:—“There is much talk at present of constitutional reform. The Bohemian deputies have made a sincere declaration that they desire an independent State, a free nation, and in reply we are offered a reform of the Austrian constitution. Why? Because those who offer it know that it cannot be realised. The Czech nation has no confidence in a form of State in which, after three bloody years of war, the minority is permitted to rule. We regard this as a crying injustice. On the return of peace, the Czech nation expects to enjoy the right of selfdetermination and national liberty. Whatever be the issue of the war . . . we believe that the day of the domineering master-nations is over, and that certainly gives us a guarantee of undisturbed existence. The Czech nation demands equal rights for all nations. Federation can only take place between free peoples.”

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