The New International Encyclopædia/Abbott, Charles Conrad

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ABBOTT, Charles Conrad (1843—). An American archæologist and naturalist, born at Trenton, N. J. He studied medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and served as a surgeon in the Federal Army during the Civil War. From 1876 to 1889 he was assistant curator of the Peabody Museum in Cambridge, Mass., to which he presented a collection of 20,000 archæological specimens, and he has given freely to other archæological collections. His book Primitive Industry (1881) detailed the evidences of the presence of pre-glacial man in the Delaware Valley, and is a valuable contribution to archæology. He has also published many books on out-door observation, such as A Naturalist's Rambles About Home (1884). His other works, besides some fiction, include: Upland and Meadow (1886); Wasteland Wanderings (1887); Outings at Odd Times (1890); Clear Skies and Cloudy (1899); and Nature's Realm (1900).