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The New International Encyclopædia/Ainmiller, Max Emanuel

AINMILLER, īn′mīl-lẽr, Max Emanuel (1807-70). A German painter of architectural subjects, born iu Munich. He studied at the Munich Academy, devoted himself to the revival of stained-glass painting, and in 1844 became director of the royal manufactory of stained glass, where, under his supervision, a great deal of work was done for the cathedrals of Cologne, Ratisbon, and Speier, St. Paul's in London, and the St. Peter's College, Cambridge. His interiors were hard and cold in color, but in the ornamentation of Gothic interiors he showed a good knowledge of architecture. He also won a reputation as a painter of architectural subjects. Two interior views of Westminster Abbey done by him hang in the Munich Gallery; similar views and others are in the National Gallery of Berlin; there are interiors of the Church of Our Lady in Munich, and views of St. Lawrence Church in Nuremberg and other places. He died in Munich.