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The New International Encyclopædia/Aurora (Illinois)

AURO′RA. A city in Kane County, Ill., on Fox River, 39 miles west of Chicago, and on the Chicago and Northwestern, and the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy railroads (Map: Illinois, D 2). It is an important manufacturing place, producing extensively carriages and wagons, silver-plated ware, wheel-scrapers, sashes and blinds, etc. It has also machine shops, smelting-works, stove-works, and railway repair shops. Aurora owns and operates its water-works and electric-light plant, and has been presented with a public library by Andrew Carnegie. It was settled in 1834, and first incorporated 1837. Under the charter of 1887, now in operation, the government is vested in a mayor, elected for two years, and a city council. Other officers also are elected by the people. Annual town-meetings are held to elect highway commissioners and to levy road and bridge taxes. Population, in 1860, 6011; in 1890, 19,688; in 1900, 24,147.