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The New International Encyclopædia/Austin, Stephen Fuller

AUSTIN, Stephen Fuller (1793-1836). An American pioneer and politician, known as the founder of the State of Texas. He was born in Wythe County, Va., the son of Moses Austin, who originally, from Connecticut, projected the Texan colony which was finally established in 1821 by his son, on the site of the present city of Austin. The latter, by his energy, ability, and hardihood, made the experiment a success; and other colonists settled in the vicinity, until the Americans became so numerous that they held a convention in March, 1833, to form a separate State government. Without heeding the Spanish population they agreed upon a plan, and Austin took it to the City of Mexico to obtain its ratification; but a revolution there prevented a hearing, so he wrote advising the Texans to form the State government without waiting for the consent of the Mexican authorities. This cost him three months' imprisonment and a longer surveillance; but in 1835 he returned to Texas, and took command of the small Revolutionary Army. In Novembcr he went as commissioner to the United States, and endeavored to obtain the recognition of Texas as an independent State. He returned late in 1836, and died on December 27. Consult Yoakum, History of Texas (New York, 1856).