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The New International Encyclopædia/Cambridge (Maryland)

CAMBRIDGE. A city and county-seat of Dorchester County, Md., 60 miles southeast of Baltimore, on the Choptank River, and on the Seaford and Cambridge Railroad, which connects with the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore at Seaford, Del. (Map: Maryland, N 6). It is the centre of a rich agricultural district, and has an extensive oyster-canning industry, and important manufactures of underwear and lumber. Settled in 1684, Cambridge was incorporated as a Colonial town early in the Eighteenth Century; the present city charter dates from 1900. Under its provisions, the mayor is elected every two years by the city council, which consists of the executive and four aldermen, chosen by the city wards. Population, in 1890, 4192; in 1900, 5747.