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The New International Encyclopædia/Desor, Eduard

DESOR, de-zôr′, Eduard (1811-82). A German-Swiss geologist, born at Friedrichsdorf, near Homburg. He studied at the universities of Giessen and Heidelberg, and in cousequence of the part taken by him in political affairs was compelled to escape to Paris. Thence he went to Neuchâtel, where he became acquainted with Agassiz, whom in 1847 he accompanied to America. He subsequently became professor of geology in the Académie of Neuchâtel. He was elected a member of the Federal Grand Council, and in 1873 became its president. His publications, dealing chiefly with the geology of Switzerland, include: Gebirgsbau der Alpen (1865); Les palafittes du lac de Neuchâtel (1865); Echinologie helvétique (1869-72); and Le paysage morainique (1875).