The New International Encyclopædia/Dietrich, Auguste Edgard

DIETRICH, dē'trīK, Auguste Edgard (1846—). A French author, born at Nancy. From an early age he took a special interest in the German language and literature, and was the first to translate two of Max Nordau's works into French under the following titles: Les mensonges conventionnels de notre civilisation (1886) and Le mal du siècle (1890). He contributed to many French and foreign reviews, such as La Revue du Nord, La Jeune France, and Le Messager de Vienne, and translated Lady Blennerhasset's Madame de Staël et son temps (1890). His original publications include Les maîtresses de Louis XV. (1881) and Rouget de Lisle et la Marseillaise (1882). He also edited the Poésies de Jacques Richard (1885).