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The New International Encyclopædia/Donaldson, James

DONALDSON, James (1831—) A Scottish educator and author. He was born at Aberdeen, was educated at Aberdeen University, New College, London, and Berlin University, and was appointed tutor of Greek at Edinburgh University in 1852. He afterwards became rector of the high schools of Stirling (1854-56) and Edinburgh (1866-81) after having previously been connected with the latter institution as classical master for ten years, and five years later became vice-chancellor and principal of the University of Saint Andrews and principal of the United College of Saint Salvator and Saint Leonard. His publications include the following: A Modern Greek Grammar for the Use of Classical Students (1853); Lyra Græca (1884); Critical History of Christian Literature and Doctrine from the Death of the Apostles to the Nicene Council (1864-66); The Ante-Nicene Christian Library, in collaboration with Professor Roberts (24 vols., 1867-72); Expiatory and Substitutory Sacrifices of the Greeks (1875).