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The New International Encyclopædia/Drachenfels

DRACHENFELS, dräG'en-fĕls (Ger., Dragon's Rock). A mountain of Prussia, in the Siebengebirge Range (q.v.), situated on the right bank of the Rhine, about eight miles southeast of Bonn, with an elevation of 1066 feet (Map: Prussia, B 3). It rises abruptly from the river, and is covered with brushwood almost to the top, whence the prospect is magnificent, extending down the river as far as Cologne, and having a charming foreground in Bonn, with its university, and numerous villages and time-worn castles. About half-way up the mountain is the cave, which, according to the legend, was occupied by the dragon slain by Siegfried. Of the mediæval castle of Drachenfels, erected on the summit of the mountain, only a solitary tower remains. The mountain, which has been extensively quarried, is the property of the State, and can be ascended by rail.