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The New International Encyclopædia/Duller, Eduard

DULLER, do͞ollẽr, Eduard (1809-53). A German historian. He was born and educated in Vienna. Notwithstanding the success of his drama, Meister Pilgram, which was publicly performed before the author was nineteen, he left Austria and went to Germany in 1830, residing successively in Munich, Frankfort, Darmstadt, and Mainz, where he was appointed preacher in the German Catholic Church (1851). He took a prominent part in the German Catholic movement, and was a strenuous defender of religious liberty. Besides several meritorious lyrical and dramatic productions, he published the following standard historical works: Vaterländische Geschichte (1852-57; subsequently concluded by Hagen); Geschichte des deutschen Volks (7th ed. 1891); Geschichte der Jesuiten (1845; latest ed. 1893).