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The New International Encyclopædia/Edlund, Erik

EDLUND, ĕd′lōōnd, Erik (1819-88). A Swedish physicist. He was born in the Province of Nerike, and was educated at Upsala. In 1850 he became professor of physics at the Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, and in 1858 was instrumental in securing the introduction of meteorological stations in Sweden. He conducted these observatories until 1873, when a central meteorological station was erected. His scientific researches were confined chiefly to the theory of electricity. His publications include Theorie des phénomènes électriques (1874), in which he discusses unipolar induction, tracing the origin of electricity to the rotation of the earth and of the higher strata of the atmosphere. The meteorological observations made by Edlund from 1858 to 1873 were published in fourteen volumes by the Academy of Sciences of Stockholm.