The New International Encyclopædia/Frémy, Edmond

FRÉMY, frắ'mḗ', Edmond (1814-94). A French chemist, born in Versailles. He became professor of chemistry at the Polytechnic School, Paris, in 1846. In 1864 he founded, with Chevreul, a free laboratory at the Museum of Natural Sciences, of which institution he became director in 1879. His researches extended to almost every branch of chemistry. In addition to numerous treatises in the Annales de Chimie et de Physique, he published Traité de chimie générale (7 vols., 3d ed. 1862-65). The Encyclopédie Chimique, a work in 10 volumes, upon which he was engaged for thirteen years, was prepared by him in collaboration with several distinguished scientists, and was completed in 1894.