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The New International Encyclopædia
German y Llorente, Bernardo

Edition of 1906. See also Bernardo Germán de Llórente on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

GERMAN Y LLORENTE, Hâr-män′ ḗ lyô-rān′tắ, Bernardo (1685-1757). A Spanish painter, born at Seville. He studied under his father and Cristobal Lopez. He painted the portrait of the Infant, Don Philip, with such success that in 1717 he was called to Madrid by Philip V., who desired to make him Court painter, but he declined the honor, preferring an independent life. In 1735 he was made a member of the Academy of Saint Ferdinand. The works of this artist resemble closely those of Murillo in their grace, correctness of drawing, and groupings, and in other countries they have been sold as original Murillos. He so frequently painted the Virgin as a shepherdess that he was called the ‘Painter of Shepherdesses.’ One of these paintings is in the Church of San Ildefonso, Madrid, and another in the Prado.