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HAVLÍČEK, hȧv-lĕ′chĕk, Karel (1821-56). A Bohemian journalist, critic, and poet, born at Borová, whence his pseudonym, ‘Havel Borovský.’ He studied at Prague, taught at Moscow, and after his return to Bohemia wrote for the Národní Noviny at Prague, and at Kuttenberg for the Slovan. For his liberal articles in these journals he was imprisoned at Brixen in the Tyrol, where he wrote the sarcastic Tiroler Elegien. He returned to Bohemia in 1855, and died at Prague in the following year. He wrote many clever epigrams, which have not all been published; the satiric poem, Křest sv. Vladimira (1877); and translations from Gogol, Voltaire, and others. His collected works, Sebrané Spisy, contain a part of his epigrams. His biography, by Tuma, was published at Prague (1883).