The New International Encyclopædia/Hill, John Henry

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HILL, John Henry (1791-1882). An American educator, chiefly identified with teaching and missionary work in Greece. He was born in New York City, graduated at Columbia College, and was ordained a deacon in the Protestant Episcopal Church in 1830. In the same year he went as a missionary to Greece, and at Athens he and his wife established a girls' school, afterwards a school for boys, and also a high school for the training of teachers. His work at first received little encouragement, but prospered after pupils from prominent and wealthy Greek families began to attend the school. Dr. Hill was chaplain of the British Legation in Greece from 1845 to 1875, and continued his teaching during that time. On his death, at Athens, the Greek Government, in recognition of his educational work among the women of Athens, buried him with the honors of a taxiarch, and the Athenian municipality erected a monument to his memory. Honorary degrees were conferred on him by Harvard and Columbia.