The New International Encyclopædia/Hill, Robert Thomas

Edition of 1905.  See also Robert T. Hill on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

HILL, Robert Thomas (1858—). An American geologist, who became connected with the United States Geological Survey in 1886. He was born at Nashville, Tenn., and in 1886 graduated at Cornell University. During his explorations on the southern borders of the United States and Mexico, and in Central America and the West Indies, he demonstrated the existence of the Lower Cretaceous formations in the United States, and proved that artesian wells might be procured over a vast area of Texas. In addition to his chief work, Cuba and Puerto Rico, with Other Islands of the West Indies (1898), his publications include many papers on the original relations of the Antilles, contributed to the Proceedings of scientific societies of which he became a member. For two years he was professor of geology at the University of Texas.