The New International Encyclopædia/Hirsch, Carl

Edition of 1905.  See also the disclaimer.

HIRSCH, Carl, (1858—). A German composer, born at Wemding, Bavaria. When only eighteen he became a teacher in the Violin-Makers' School at Mittenwald, and from that time on held many important positions, among them: church music-director at Munich (1885-87); music-director at Mannheim (1887-92); at Cologne (1892-93); at Elberfeld (1893—); and director of the Gesangschule, the Liedertafel, the Philharmonic concerts at Elberfeld. But it is as a composer that Hirsch is best known, his a-cappella choruses, which are very numerous, and his cantatas being widely known and used. Of the latter Die Krone im Rhein and Landsknechtsleben are representative. His songs and ballads are scarcely inferior to his male choruses.